Port It Paintball Team

The Port It Paintball Team is a team specially created to participate in the NXL Europe 2019 (National X-Ball League). Composed by eight members from various national teams, the team travels across Europe in search of victory! Team spirit, dedication and willingness to win are the motivations of Port It Paintball Team athletes, as well as improving and developing their skills with each practice.

NXL Europe is the European championship where dozens of professional and amateur teams participate, divided into 4 stages throughout the season. The 4 stages take place in Barcelona (March), Paris (May), Prague (July) and Amsterdam (September). NXL Europe is a 3-day weekend competition. The group stage is played on the first two days of the race and the finals on the last day. You can follow the finals through live streaming on social networks.

The first stage took place in Barcelona, ​​where the team reached 13th place. The second stage took place in Paris, where the Port It Paintball Team reached 3rd place, with a total of 19 teams. The penultimate stage in Prague went a little better for the team, reaching 2nd place, thus ensuring 4th place in the overall season ranking